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My Story

It all started watching my mother in the kitchen when I was a very young boy. I never understood why my mother's food tasted better than anyone else's that I had ever eaten. So I asked what the secret was and my mother replied with "it is the love and passion I feel for food". I later discovered that while my mother was getting her masters in education she also had a minor in home economics in which paired with her attention to detail prompted a need to understand food. That same passion and love for food inspired me to become a great cook and with my own attention to detail, make food that everyone would love to eat. After being accepted to culinary school, I entered just to leave months later due to an unforeseen situation. The creative passion for food never stopped for me, instead continued to grow even more. I spent time in multiple kitchens learning and perfecting my craft. Opportunities formed for me to demonstrate my love for food once others began to acquire about catering. Over the years I would travel and taste some of the countries most enjoyable cuisines. It was very easy to see the eateries that were simply in it for the profit from the ones who truly cared about the food and the people who ate there.

I promised myself that when I opened my first of many eateries there would be only one thing that was served and that is great food. Great food simply being one thing all great cooks/chefs love to create and over the last ten years I have been creating a food concept that showcases a gourmet inspired all-american menu.
We would like to think we hit a homerun!

"The Dawg House Famous Footlongs & More," A place where only the freshest ingredients are used to make your eating experience enjoyable. Memorable, as well as affordable.

Creator: Chef Mike